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Spanish, fun and travel in 4 colombian cities! - The best Spanish course in Colombia!

Do you want to learn Spanish in Colombia and have fun?

Would you like to travel and also enjoy in different cities in Colombia?

This course is specially designed for you, you can learn the Spanish language in a living way in order to be able to express yourself in real situations. You will have classes for 4 weeks in 4 different cities and afterwards you will have a whole city to discover.

All our teachers are professionals with experience in teaching languages, with a single target: that you take advantage of your time with us.

The Spanish course

It is designed for those who do not have much (or none) Spanish knowledge, with the aim of developing the ability to communicate effectively. The programmed activities will provide you the ability to listen, speak, read and write in Spanish. The cities chosen and Friday excursions also will allow you to learn about the reality of our country.


To provide the best Spanish language learning conditions our teachers will be teaching groups of a minimum of 5 persons and a maximum 12.
Average group numbers will be about 8 to 9 participants.

Spanish course group excursion


  • Monday - Thursday from 8:00 to 12:00 m. Break time from 10:00 to 10:30.
  • Friday: academic excursion to an interesting place in each city.
  • 70 hours per course in total!

The cities

While you learn Spanish in Colombia, you will be in these beautiful cities with historic and /or natural locations.

  • First week: Bogotá
    Capital of Colombia, sits approximately 8,660 feet (2640 meters) above sea level. With more than 8 million inhabitants and an average temperature of 14 °C (57 °F). Host of several international events such as the Iberoamerican Theater Festival (the biggest in the world).
    Friday excursion: Salt Cathedral, Zipaquirá

  • Second week: Barichara
    City in the department of Santander. Average temperature: 21 °C. Recognized as one of the most beautiful colonial cities and best preserved of Colombia.
    Friday excursion: Chicamocha National Park

  • Third week: Mompox
    City on an island in the Magdalena River that was very important in colonial times. Its historical center has been named UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. Average temperature: 31 °C.
    Friday excursion: Pijino Wetland (Ciénaga del Pijiño)

  • Fourth week: Cartagena
    Founded in 1533. During the colonial time Cartagena was one of the largest ports in America. Its historic center was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. Average temperature: 28 °C
    Friday excursion: Playa Blanca

Spanish course group excursion2

Next starting

First Monday of every month in Bogota

Spanish course price

COP$2.300.000.oo (approx. USD$1200 / €1050 / £820)

COP= Colombian peso. Currency rate

    Spanish course in Bogota, Cartagena, Barichara, Mompox.
    The price includes:
  • Intensive Spanish course for 4 weeks
  • Guidebook
  • CD guide
  • Working copies
  • Transportation by bus to the different cities
  • Transportation by bus to the academic excursion places scheduled on Fridays
  • Entrance tickets for academic excursions
  • Transportation from the airport / bus terminal in Bogota to your hosting place.
  • Mentoring during the stay in Colombia
  • The price DOES NOT include:
  • Accommodation in the different cities
  • Food and refreshments
  • Health insurance
  • Other services / costs not specified

Additional services

Besides our Spanish course in Bogota, Cartagena, Barichara and Mompox, we offer more services which may be useful for you:

  • Homestay / hotel accommodation booking service
  • One on one lessons
    We offer as well Spanish one on one lessons.   2-3 hours per day / 3-5 days per week.   Price: COP$35.000 per hour.   It includes: Spanish private lessons, placement test and class work guides


  • 40% of the total price via bank consignment:    Banco Popular, account number 220-090-11975-1. Beneficiary: Maquisapa SAS. NIT 900483666-1. Phone number (057) 320-2154107, Bogota.
    Bank information:
        Intermediary Bank: Citibank, New York.
                    ABA               021 00 00 89
                    SWIFT           CITIUS33
        Payment Bank: Banco Popular Bogota, Colombia
                    SWIFT           BPOPCOBB

  • 60% of the price paid on the first day

After your payment has made, please enroll here in order to make a confirmation with a voucher copy. We will send you the details about what you need on the first day.

Please contact us if you want more information

Maquisapa. Spanish courses in Colombia